Randy Hendrick

Absolutely great Also to mention the driver named “Fikret”  truck number 79 represented RSB very very well.

Most respectably, courteous and attentive/supportive the task at hand. As you know we receive many trucks through out the day and week from the various carriers and while driver conduct is considered satisfactorily in most instances it is worthy of making mention when a driver conducts himself and represents the load and carrier with outstanding professionalism  as Fikret did with the delivery. On time delivery to the minute and all paperwork in order and complete as well as the load in order and equipment in very clean presentable condition as we expect for our products especially being of the Medical grade and nature!!!! So I think it proper to at least give some acknowledgement to RSB and the Driver for making the delivery process here smooth and efficient. Once again people DO make the difference!!!!!! Randy Hendrick